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5 Ways Priests Can Encourage Vocations

March 27, 2017

1. Share Your Joy!

"I love being a priest and would choose it again." Telling people that you value your vocation is amazingly effective at helping them understand that priesthood is a fulfilling and meaningful life.

​2. Personally Invite

Look for promising men and women in your parish and invite them explicitly to consider the priesthood and religious life. Find an appropriate time to draw a young man aside and say with sincerity, "Jacob, I admire your faithfulness and love for God. It think you have the qualities of a good priest.  Have you ever thought about the priesthood?"

​3. Tell Your Vocation Story

People love to hear how their priest discovered his vocation! Tell your vocation story at Mass on Priesthood Sunday; speak of it on Holy Thursday; tell students in the youth group how you became a priest.

​4. Pray for More Priests

Pray publicly and explicitly for more priestly vocations, especially during the prayers of the faithful. If there is a certain man God has placed on your heart, keep him in prayer during your Mass.

​5. Offer Good Information

Keep updated vocation materials in the narthex of the church, such as posters, brochures, and booklets. Consider giving interested young men in your parish copies of discernment books.

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