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Five reasons to join the livestream!

May 10, 2020

Join the livestream of Deacon Thomas Tran's ordination to the priesthood in order to:

Witness the Rite of Ordination up close.

This rite has profound meaning—it is through this rite that the priesthood began, and it is through the priesthood that the ministry of Jesus continues today. The livestream will come to us directly from the altar platform, giving everyone a unique opportunity to get closer than is normally possible.

Come together as a large virtual congregation.

It is important to remember that God has called Deacon Thomas to his vocation to the priesthood from the midst of the people. In following God’s call, Thomas has spent many years in formation and the Rite of Ordination begins his life as a priest for the people of the archdiocese. Join the livestream to show your approval and support!

Join your prayers for Thomas to those of Archbishop Etienne.

During the Litany of Supplication, Deacon Thomas lies prostrate as a symbol of his submission to God’s will. At this time the saints are called upon to intercede on Thomas’s behalf, reminding us of the universal call to holiness. You are invited to join the livestream so we can all pray together as one congregation for Thomas.

Learn more about the Rite of Ordination.

We will be “virtual ushering” the event with commentary posted throughout the entire ordination on the Archdiocese of Seattle facebook livestream, to enhance our understanding of what is taking place—from the entrance procession to the final blessing.

Post messages of congratulations and blessings.

The facebook livestream is the perfect place to post your congratulations to soon-to-be Reverend Thomas!

Join the livestream on Saturday, June 6th at 10AM: or

#thomastranordination #archdioceseofseattle

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