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"Come, Follow Me" Vocation Rally 2019!

September 10, 2019

Everett Serra Club invites you to their Vocation Rally 2019:

"Come, Follow Me"!

October 12th, 2019
5:00 PM Mass celebrated by Bishop Elizondo, 
followed by rally with priests, seminarians, religious, and YOU!

St. Mary Magdalen Parish Hall
8517 7th Ave SE, Everett 98208

Tickets: $15 (dinner included). For information call Debbie at (425) 499-6560. Sponsored by Everett Serra Club. Visit here for more information about Serra USA or to become a member.


Archdiocese of Seattle Vocations

We were created to be in relationship with God. At our baptism, God called each of us to a vocation to build the kingdom and grow in holiness; through Marriage, Priesthood, Religious Life, or Single Life.

We discern our vocation by being active in the life of the Church, by participating in the sacraments, studying the faith, and by growing in personal prayer life. When we engage with our community and are of service to our brothers and sisters we can develop and understand our particular gifts, and where those gifts overlap with the greatest need in our local community.

No one discerns their vocation alone! We can help each other by talking about vocations, in our families and our communities. If you are married, be a good example of a holy marriage. If you have children, talk to them from an early age about vocations; invite priests, seminarians, and religious men and women to your house for coffee or dinner; pray together for vocations often as a family.

God loves you personally and intimately through Jesus in the Holy Spirit. Each of us has a way in which we can best grow and serve the Lord in love: through Marriage, Priesthood, Religious Life, or Single Life. In our vocation, we live a life of faith and prayer to grow in relationship with Him.

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