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Reflections on World Youth Day 2016

August 19, 2016

From Fr. Bryan Dolejsi, Director of Vocations

What a great blessing and energizing to being part of the Catholic Church community!  Not only was it energizing to be with 2 million other young Catholics from around the world but to be with great people from the Archdiocese of Seattle and to see so many wonderful people working in and for the church that I know from other parts of the United States.  Very energizing!  All of our youth, young adults and seminarians had a great time.

​​Discomfort in our Faith

WYD teaches us how to be uncomfortable in our faith.  All too often I can approach my faith life as something that is all about 'comfort' but the pilgrimage of logistics, crowds, organizing a large group, etc. made for a fairly 'uncomfortable' time.  I left thinking, maybe I need to make myself a little more 'uncomfortable' in my daily living of my faith, push the boundaries a little and see where Christ will meet me? 

What now?

Get out and build the Kingdom!  The Pope addressed the crowds very clearly and overall said:  "don’t be couch potatoes, just living your life for your own entertainment such as video games, etc....instead be disciples of mercy in the world, give of yourself, be of service and help transform the world by entering into politics, business, education, etc....we need you!"  Words to live by as a disciple of Jesus.

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