What is God’s Will for Me?

This free online self-assessment survey we have created may help you find the right vocation to serve God within the Church

Men who enter the seminary have the following qualities (or an ability and willingness to learn them).

  • SpiritualDo you have a relationship with Jesus Christ? Do you pray regularly and attend Mass regularly? Are you active in your parish? Do you have a respect for the Church and her teachings?
  • Generous HeartDo you have a love for service to God and his people? Are you willing to sacrifice for the good of others?

  • Love for the PoorDo you see yourself working on behalf of the poor? Can you see yourself speaking up for those being treated unjustly?

  • OpennessCan you work well with cultures different than your own? Can you work well with men and women in a collaborative style? Can you function in a Church that will change over the next 50 years?

  • Intellectual – Do you have the ability to do college study? How about an ability to articulate the faith to others?
  • Emotional – Do you have good emotional health and a healthy self-image? Do you negotiate the ups and downs of life well? Do you have good, healthy friendships and an ability to make new ones?
  • Social – Do you like being around people? Do people like being around you?
  • Self - Discipline – Does your life reflect the ability to live the commandments? Do you keep commitments you’ve made?
  • Physical – Do you have good physical health? Do you have a healthy balance of work, recreation, exercise and rest in your life? Do you have the stamina needed for priesthood?



Begin finding your path

QUESTION: 1 of 19

Do you desire to serve God and the Church with your entire life?

QUESTION: 2 of 19

Do you see yourself loving as a married person with children or more broadly?

QUESTION: 3 of 19

Do you desire to celebrate the sacraments?

QUESTION: 4 of 19

Do you desire to live in a religious community with other people (whom you do not choose)?

QUESTION: 5 of 19

If you were a priest, could you see yourself as a pastor of a parish, school, with all ages and backgrounds?  

Or would you desire to be a priest in more specialized ministry (being a full-time professor, canon lawyer, missionary, teach at a seminary, working with poor, etc.)  

QUESTION: 6 of 19

Is it important for you to be near family and friends? (As a diocesan priest, you’ll be in a specific diocesan area. As a religious priest, you may be sent from state to state, or even to different countries)?

QUESTION: 7 of 19

Do you feel a strong connection to help build a local church (such as the Archdiocese of Seattle) with its bishop, pastors, schools, and lay staff? 

Or do you desire to move from state to state and help in particular ministries (Newman Centers, college campus ministry, hospital chaplaincy, etc)? 

QUESTION: 8 of 19

Do you desire to be stable in only one community and place your entire life?


QUESTION: 9 of 19

Do you desire to live in a religious community but not be ordained as a priest, just simply have the brotherhood of prayer and support?

QUESTION: 10 of 19

As a priest, would you desire your life to be primarily about common prayer? 

Or would you want your day to be mostly pastoral ministry and praying oftentimes on your own?

QUESTION: 11 of 19

If you were a priest, would you feel comfortable living on your own or possibly with one other ordained person – and still pursuing a life of prayer and holiness?    

QUESTION: 12 of 19

Do you prefer to pray on your own more than in common (both liturgy of the hours and your own personal prayer time)?

QUESTION: 13 of 19

Daily Mass -

Would you prefer to preside? or concelebrate?

QUESTION: 14 of 19

Do you feel particularly drawn to any charisms of any saints or religious orders?

QUESTION: 15 of 19

Are you attracted to wearing religious garb or clothing such as a habit or a Roman collar?

QUESTION: 16 of 19

Do you desire to be a lay minister in the church (catholic school teacher, work on parish staff) while being married or single?

QUESTION: 17 of 19

If you were married and working a job, would you desire to serve as a permanent deacon (involves ministry to poor, liturgical ministry, may include occasional preaching and presiding at baptisms, gravesides and marriages without mass)?

QUESTION: 18 of 19

Do you have the aptitude and desire to earn a graduate degree in philosophy and theology?

QUESTION: 19 of 19

Do you see yourself as a solo leader/pastor of a parish or more of a member of a religious community/assistant?


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